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About Us

AGA is a non-profit organization that focuses on college students and apprentices who strive to get experience within the working field, specifically nursing homes hospitals and rehab home. Jobs for the summer help keep individuals on track while networking. We want to create a path for students to have hands on experience and learn each and every day. We want to leave footsteps of achievement, enrichment and success


AGA COLLEGE INTERNSHIP & CONSULTING, NFP was started by a young woman who felt the need to give back to young individuals and to service and assist seniors. This program is designed for college students and apprentices. To motivate, inspire and strive to do their best. Giving everyone an opportunity is what we strive for and enhancing abilities. This young lady felt with this economy there weren’t enough jobs for young people who are trying to make a difference throughout their life. This program was to incorporate individuals who are enrolled in College andor  an apprentices program seeking a position in their field of study. The key to a successful internship like this one is to make certain the internship is both flexible and teachable. This is what makes AGA College internship unique because, any and all college students who enter the program will get paid as well as educated.

Mission Statement

Our Mission for AGA COLLEGE INTERNSHIP & CONSULTING, NFP is to work with people within the community, by empowering students to achieve stability and improve their quality of life and goals. We serve and uplift people through economic development and educational development. We strive to enlighten individuals about the world around them and uplift them in any way possible.

Our Vision

AGA College Internship & Consulting will distinguish itself by helping future college graduates meet and exceed their goals of becoming quality productive citizens through hands on training in a professional setting and guidance from caring and supportive staff.

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